This Website will explain how the outside and even the inside of cars are a Masterpiece. Now, before we go on, I want you to notice the subtle things on the car integrate together. How the Headlights integrate into the grille. How the fender flares flow into the sides. Notice how the side of these cars have lines in them, How they have cuts and curves in them.

  • I want you to notice the next cars styling cues, the 2010 Subaru Tribeca Touring, I would like you to notice How the Subaru Badge makes your eyes spread to the Grille looks like wings and the grille spreads into the headlights and right below then, the squared-off corners. Notice how after the headlights, The fender flare bumps your eyes up into the A-Pillar which swoops up with the windsheild. Then you see the mirror and then you turn to the side.
  • I now want you to see the side photo of the Subaru Tribeca Touring. I want you to notice the way that a line starts in the Driver's Door handle. I want you to notice how it gives a feel of you starting something when you pull the handle, beacouse the handle starts the line.I want you to notice how the line starting at the door handle makes it feel like by pulling that handle you are starting your next new adventure.I want you to notice how the line gets bigger as it heads towards the rear door and it completely consumes the rear door handle. I want you to notice how the line then gets bigger as we turn to the rear.
  • I want you to notice how the Colour, Trim Level and the Side has changed. I want you to notice the same line as continued from before. I want you to notice how Subaru enveloped the Fuel door into the curve between the fender flare and the line. Notice how the line then turns into the tail light and then the tail light forces the eyes into the rear Subaru badge. Then it all comes together
  • I now want you to use the tools tips and tricks I have just showed you to analyse the styling of these cars. You ay also notice how some cars elegantly swoop and curve whilst other cars have sharp edges and are aggressive.
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